Thirtyish is a Facebook community designed for women of a certain age who are focused on building fulfilling, authentic lives.

Thirtyish is a chill, supportive space where women offer each other advice on everything from leggings and hair products to office politics and work-life balance. It’s like having 2,500 thoughtful, whip-smart women on a group text.

Our free newsletter, Break Things, launched in September 2020.

Break Things features articles about life, work, relationships, mental health, and more. It also shares memes, music, art and poetry to get us through the afternoon. It’s the perfect antidote to the 2:00PM crash.

Thirtyish looks forward to launching more content this winter.

If you would like to suggest an article, meme, or other recommendation for Break Things, email hello (at) thirtyish (dot) com.

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Montanan. Attorney. Feminist. Blogger at Capitol Hill Style. Community Manager at Thirtyish. Newsletter Editor at Break Things.